How Secure is your Website?

A Penetration Test will show how easy it is for an outside hacker to breach your site and steal your confidential data and make your website or server botnet.

We have almost a decade of experience helping individuals and organizations secure their computers and their online presence. As an information security consulting agency, we have to manage many difficult cases. Here are just a few examples of situations we handled for clients as a security consultants

  • Cleaning a WordPress website that had become a den of spammers, configured by hackers to serve thousands of malicious files
  • Eliminating malicious and unwanted programs from hacked website.
  • Migrating a website from an outdated, insecure hosting environment to a modern hosting environment with support for HTTPS and SNI
  • Helping a company responsible for managing many WordPress websites in-house develop a strategy for minimizing attack vectors
  • implement web site security system and alert system to notify all suspected incidents.
  • Rebuild a WordPress website without the aid of any backups after hackers got in and deleted the site’s MySQL database.

Hackers bombard web apps because they’re often vulnerable and expose data. Our job: stop them.

Your company has “appified” operations, so you must protect many web apps linked to data-rich systems, as hackers pounce, looking for bugs to exploit. we can help you secure their entire lifecycle.

Detect vulnerabilities

W3 continuously monitors all of your web apps for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, with deep, authenticated scans—including of SOAP and REST-based APIs—and smart progressive scanning. Qualys scales from a handful to thousands of apps, and helps prioritize remediation by identifying critical risks.

Stamp out malware

Websites are infected with malware daily, affecting customers, damaging brands and triggering blacklisting. W3 scans your websites, issues alerts, and eliminates malware, including zero-day threats via behavioral analysis.

Do exhaustive, iterative testing

W3 does deep testing of web apps on your perimeter, internal networks, remote and mobile devices, and public cloud instances with authenticated and complex scans. Supporting modern processes like DevOps, Agile, and Continuous Delivery,W3 detects problems throughout the development and QA phases, and after web apps are in production.

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