The Exchange Alternative

SmarterMail offers all of the same features as Microsoft Exchange, but at a FRACTION of the cost. Unlike Exchange, features like audio and video group chat, and Team Workspaces for team meetings and group collaboration are included at no extra charge.SmarterMail is the only on-prem email alternative to Exchange for web hosts, ISPs, small businesses and enterprises that want Exchange-level functionality, but without the high costs associated with Exchange.

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Free RapidSSL Certificate

We give you RapidSSl Certificate free of charge with every new or renewal of SmraterMail license, so you can use to secure your webmail access or encrypt SSL ports using this certificate.

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Free SSL Instalation Service

If you don't know how to install or how to initiate SSL order, our expert technical team will help you to do it remotely from CSR generation until your SSL certificate up and running.

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Free Email Server compliance Check

Our expert technical staff will conduct server compliance check free of charge with every License, please grab this opportunity and secure your email server from CAN SPAM act violation.

SmarterMail - Professional

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SmarterMail - Professional500configurable$509.15Buy 15% Off
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SmarterMail - ProfessionalUnlimitedconfigurable$1019.15Buy 15% Off
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SmarterMail - Professional250configurable$143.00Buy 10% Off
SmarterMail - Professional500configurable$215.50Buy 10% Off
SmarterMail - Professional1000configurable$288.00Buy 10% Off
SmarterMail - Professional2000configurable$340.00Buy 10% Off
SmarterMail - ProfessionalUnlimitedconfigurable$432.00Buy 10% Off
SmarterMail - ProfessionalRenew EXPIRED 250configurable$270.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - ProfessionalRenew EXPIRED 500configurable$405.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - ProfessionalRenew EXPIRED 1000configurable$540.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - ProfessionalRenew EXPIRED 2000configurable$675.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - ProfessionalRenew EXPIRED Unlimitedconfigurable$810.00Buy Now
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SmarterMail - Professional250 to 500configurable$180Buy Now
SmarterMail - Professional250 to 1000configurable$360.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - Professional250 to Unlimitedconfigurable$720.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - Professional500 to 1000configurable$180.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - Professional1000 to 2000configurable$180.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - Professional2000 to Unlimitedconfigurable$180.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - ProfessionalPro 250 to Entp 500configurable$360.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - ProfessionalPro 500 to Entp 500configurable$180.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - ProfessionalPro 1000 to Entp 1000configurable$180.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - ProfessionalPro 1000 to Entp Unlimitedconfigurable$630.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - ProfessionalPro 2000 to Entp 2000configurable$180.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - ProfessionalPro 250 to Entp Unlimitedconfigurable$990.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - ProfessionalPro Unilimited to Entp Unlimitedconfigurable$270.00Buy Now

SmarterMail - Enterprice

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SmarterMail - Enterprise250configurable$510.00Buy 15% Off
SmarterMail - Enterprise500configurable$680.00Buy 15% Off
SmarterMail - Enterprise1000configurable$850.00Buy 15% Off
SmarterMail - Enterprise2000configurable$1020.00Buy 15% Off
SmarterMail - EnterpriseUnlimitedconfigurable$1275.00Buy 15% Off
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SmarterMail - Enterprise250configurable$215.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - Enterprise500configurable$290.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - Enterprise1000configurable$360.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - Enterprise2000configurable$435.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - EnterpriseUnlimitedconfigurable$540.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - EnterpriseRenew EXPIRED 250configurable$405.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - EnterpriseRenew EXPIRED 500configurable$540.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - EnterpriseRenew EXPIRED 1000configurable$675.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - EnterpriseRenew EXPIRED 2000configurable$810.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - EnterpriseRenew EXPIRED Unlimitedconfigurable$1012.00Buy Now
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SmarterMail - Enterprise250 to 500configurable$180.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - Enterprise500 to 1000configurable$180.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - Enterprise500 to 2000configurable$360.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - Enterprise500 to Unlimitedconfigurable$900.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - Enterprise1000 to 2000configurable$180.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - Enterprise1000 to Unlimitedconfigurable$450.00Buy Now
SmarterMail - Enterprise2000 to Unlimitedconfigurable$270.00Buy Now
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