Jelastic Cloud - PaaS

Jelastic Cloud is a Cloud service that offers maximum scalability of virtualized resources thanks to the combination of the PaaS (Platform as a Service) and CaaS (Container as a Service) models. Container technology is based on the use of micro Clouds called Cloudlets, with 128MB of RAM and 400MHz of vCPU, which can be used directly within the Jelastic platform. The service is available on a pay-per-use basis and preconfigured plans with monthly fees.

Jelastic Cloud

Pay-per-use €0.0050/hour+VAT

  • More than 100 Cloudlets per environment
  • Unlimited environments and nodes
  • 400Mhz for each Cloudlet
  • 128MB for each Cloudlet
  • SAN pay-per-use €0.0007/hour/ GB
  • Infra with HA (not only for applications)
  • Public IP €0.0052/hour+VAT

Jelastic Cloud

Small $24.99/month+VAT

  • 12 Cloudlets per environment 9 reserved, 3 dynamic included
  • 1 enviroment and 3 nodes
  • Up to 4.8 Ghz
  • Up to 1.5 GB
  • 10 GB per environment SAN storage included
  • Infra with HA (not only for applications)
  • 1 IP address per environment

Jelastic Cloud

Medium $73.99/month+VAT

  • 15 Cloudlets per environment 11 reserved, 4 dynamic included
  • 2 enviroments & 5 nodes
  • Up to 6 Ghz
  • Up to 1.9 GB
  • 100 GB per environment SAN storage included
  • Infra with HA (not only for applications)
  • 1 IP address per environment

Jelastic Cloud

Large $118.99/month+VAT

  • 21 Cloudlets per environment 16 reserved, 5 dynamic included
  • 3 enviroments & 7 nodes
  • Up to 8.4 Ghz
  • Up to 2.7 GB
  • 150 GB per environment SAN storage included
  • Infra with HA (not only for applications)
  • 1 IP address per environment

*The promotional price for Small, Medium and Large “Jelastic Cloud” products is only valid when activating new services between 31/03/2020 and 31/05/2020, at all Data Centers, while stocks last; the promotional price will also be maintained for the first 12 months of using the service. Starting from the thirteenth monthly payment after the service is activated, the Jelastic Cloud products (Small, Medium and Large) activated during the promotional period will be renewed at the list price. To benefit from the promotion, you need to activate the Jelastic Cloud account in the Control Panel during the promotional period (it’s not enough just to top up).

Create your Cloud testing or development environment

elastic Cloud lets you create, change and clone your chosen environment in seconds. The infrastructure takes shape in real time thanks to the virtualization of resources (storage, servers, load balancers, databases etc.) and the many technologies available (Docker, Ruby, PHP, Java, etc.).

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Only pay for the resources you use

Jelastic Cloud allows different pricing models: as well as various flat-rate options, a pay-per-use option is also available, which means you can take advantage of platform scalability while only paying for the resources you actually use.

Your data in a safe place

Keep your data safe in our data centers designed with innovative solutions to ensure maximum reliability, the highest levels of certification for resilience and infrastructure quality ANSI/TIA 942-B-2017.

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Choose the Cloudlets you need

A Cloudlet is a micro cloud that constitutes the granularity within the Jelastic Cloud platform. Each Cloudlet corresponds to 128MB of RAM and 400MHz of vCPU.

  • Reserved Cloudlets: computational power completely dedicated to your application.
  • Dynamic Cloudlets: these are automatically managed according to the quantity of resources required by the application, up to a configurable limit.

Within jelastic You can use more than 50 optimized, preconfigured applications

Within the marketplace section, there are dozens of applications that you can install at the click of a button via widgets: Jelastic Cloud lets you manage projects with different technologies on a single platform.

Find out more about Marketplace >

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