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Jelastic Cloud is a new type of Cloud Hosting for applications that’s easy to use. This solution offers the resources you need to guarantee any service, from a simple Cloud application to sophisticated corporate applications.


Jelastic Cloud’s real strength lies in its flexibility, because with just one solution, compatible with PHP, Java, Ruby, Node.js, Python and Docker, you get the flexibility of IaaS infrastructure, combined with the benefits of a PaaS architecture.


A PaaS solution is perfect when you have applications that do not need the power of Cloud servers or physical servers all the time, if you do not want to compromise on separating servers and high availability, with the benefit of horizontal and vertical auto scaling, so you only use the resources you need.


Jelastic Cloud allows you to build complex infrastructures with high availability. If you want to install an application, add more load balancers, servers, memory or processors, you can do so in just a few clicks.


Your data is stored at our data centers, designed using innovative solutions to guarantee maximum reliability, with the highest levels of certification for resilience and infrastructure quality as required by the ANSI/TIA 942-B-2017 standard.

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Jelastic Marketplace

Get popular web applications, container orchestration tools, content management systems, clustered software stacks, as well as various add-ons up and running automatically in multi-cloud. Choose and install the solution from Jelastic


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Don’t Waste a Crisis

Every crisis is a time of difficulties but also new opportunities. Let’s review the main spheres emerged under COVID-19 influence, what possibilities this opens to hosting service providers and how they can meet cloud requirements of growing industries


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